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Empowering personal entrepreneurship

Our mission

> Liberaxion is a mission-driven enterprise. Inspired by our vision of digital humanism and motivated by the digital challenge that you confront today, we’re dedicated to empowering your personal entrepreneurship. We can be your partner in designing your personal business concept, developing your entrepreneurial potential and delivering new value.

We're an international boutique-style firm providing bespoke consulting and coaching in combination with personal support services: vitality training, image styling, technology management and media communication.


Our work with professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs on four continents puts our philosophy of personal entrepreneurship to real-life tests. It enables the continuous improvement of our working methodologies and technologies. 

If you think it is time to work on your personal business challenge, we invite you for a first and free consultation. We'll start with the end in mind: empowering your personal entrepreneurship. <


> All business is personal business. As the CEO of ME Inc., you have to become your own brand and personalise your company's positioning. It's your authentic uniqueness that enables you to create real value. We can consult and coach you on personal brand management. Through our customised support services (vitality training, image styling, technology management and media communication), we facilitate you to stay in the lead and maximise your brand value during your professional life. <


> In the information age every professional needs to be self-leading. You're a free agent. Instead of being managed with fixed formulas, you have to lead yourself on the basis of free principles. Our philosophy of personal entrepreneurship, concretised in empowering methodologies & technologies, enables you to be the CEO of ME Inc. It awakens and empowers the leader within you and makes it possible to connect with others in an authentic way. Your customers, your company and yourself deserve the best: you! <

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> Personal value creation is a 21st-century core competency. In the new digital economy, you do business one-to-one. People can no longer be addressed as static market segments but require individual recognition and attention. You and your company have to be in a dialogical relationship with individual customers and their communities. We are experienced in co-creating personal business concepts that you and your company can live every day together with your customers. Partnering with us means becoming the change you want to see. <

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