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Liberating entrepreneurship

Our mission

> Liberaxion stands for liberating entrepreneurship. We can accompany you and your company in the realization of your entrepreneurial potential in the new digital economy.


Entrepreneurship in the digital market means being high touch, high tech & high impact through:

- a personal entrepreneurial mind-set,

- a digital technological tool-set and

- a valuable 21st-century skill-set.

We know how to synthesize the transformational purpose of your enterprise and the innovational power of informational technology to create personal value for your customers and company, your society and yourself.


As an international boutique-style firm, we provide bespoke counseling at the individual, team, or company level in combination with interim solutions (interim management and professional services). Our work on five continents with executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs has put our entrepreneurial philosophy to real-life tests. It has enabled the continuous improvement of our working methodologies and technologies. <


> Being entrepreneurial is being digital. Digital technology is too important to be left to IT staff. To be in business, every professional must have and master a digital tool-set concerning big data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Moreover, IT governance for protecting personal privacy and against algorithmic discrimination is redefining the market playing field and the rules of the game. With our extensive knowledge and experience in IT, we can be your partner in being high-tech. <


> In our era of constant disruption, business innovation and personal transformation must be developed concurrently in a continuous process of progressive enhancement. No one just has a job. Everyone is to be a personal entrepreneur; you have to lead yourself in connection with others to create new value. Our entrepreneurial philosophy, concretized in practical methodologies and technologies, liberates your entrepreneurial mind-set and empowers you to reinvent yourself and your company. <

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> Personal value creation is a 21st-century core competency. You and your company are to create personal value in dialogical relationships with individual customers and their communities. We are experienced in designing personal business concepts and developing a 21st-century skill-set that delivers distinctive value for all stakeholders. In the new economy where your business purpose has to synthesize people, planet & profit, we can accompany you in being high-impact. <

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