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Let's realise your personal business potential!



> Liberaxion chooses to partner with people who want to become the change they wish to see. We do not consult nor coach for transactional adjustments resulting in ephemeral improvements. We solely engage in transformational change helping you to realise the personal business potential that makes you and your company unique. We deliver custom solutions tailored to you and your one-of-a-kind challenges.

We can be your partner in company projects and organisational or individual programs. Liberaxion is equipped to support your change process with personal services and scientific research. Having worked across four continents with thousands of people, we developed a transcultural and multilingual approach (we speak English, French, German, Polish, Russian and Dutch).

Do you think it is time for you to start your personal business transformation or are you already in the process of working on it? Contact us and find out how we can accompany you to greatness. We can help you to thrive in the new normal of constant disruption. <


> You want to reinvent your personal business concept and unleash your potential entrepreneurial power.

We consult & coach companies and their people:

1. In-depth diagnosis of value potential and definition of change goals.

2. Integrated approach for business innovation and personal transformation.

3. Customised arrangements of personal consulting, coaching & support services. <


> You want to invest in your people and enable them to develop their personal entrepreneurship. 


We organise programs for professional or executive teams:

1.  Transformational programs in alignment with corporate goals, strategy and brand.
2.  Action-learning approach to integrate learning into real life and work situations.

3. Bespoke arrangements of personal consulting, coaching & support services. <


> You want to lead yourself as a valuable brand and create new personal value in the digital economy.


We organise programs for individual professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs:

1. Transformational programs to confront personal business challenges.

2. Human touch & high tech methodologies and technologies (i.a. bio-feedback).

3. Bespoke arrangements of personal consulting, coaching & support services <


> You want to enhance your digital presence and maintain a dialogical relationship with customers and partners.

Liberaxion supports you with your on-line communication:

1. Full-service support for your personal website and social media communication.

2. Search Engine Optimisation to keep a high-quality on-line presence.

3. Liberaxion can offer 24 x 7 x 365 support for digital dialogues. <


> You want to differentiate yourself through your unique personal style and express your authentic image in a consistent way.

Liberaxion assists you in (re)styling yourself by aligning outer image with inner identity:

1. Personal services to design and develop your signature style.

2. Integrated approach comprising fashion, cosmetics and fragrance.

3. Liberaxion provides objective advice and is independent of product providers. <


> You want to radically improve your physical well-being and learn to embody your leadership.

Liberaxion integrates personal vitality training in its projects and programmes:

1. One-to-one or group training with personal devices providing actionable self-knowledge.

2. Comprehensive revitalisation plans integrating physical exercise, food & rest.

3. Liberaxion is licensed in the use of bio-feedback technology (HeartMath Institute).<

> You want to anticipate disruptive waves and continually improve your personal business model.

Liberaxion is a partner in the Beyond Competition Research Foundation:

1. Independent scientific research and trend watching on disruptive innovation.

2. Keynote-speaking on personal entrepreneurship in the digital economy.

3. Customised services for individual and corporate clients to anticipate change. <


> You want to work on your personal vitality and measure progress with state of the art biofeedback systems.

As a licensed partner, Liberaxion integrates 

HeartMath (HM) research into its coaching.

1. Top research on the link between personal well-being and professional performance.

2. Proven practicality of HM approach and technology with Fortune 500 clients.

3. Leverage of best practices to accelerate your vitality training. <


> You want to (re)vitalise your digital business by bringing in a fresh perspective and skills not available in your company.

Liberaxion can provide outstanding insiders who temporarily reinforce your team:

1. Experienced change managers who know how to combine high tech with high touch.

2. Digital professionals operating at the fore-front of information & marketing technology.

3. All interim professionals are backed by the expertise of our Liberaxion Team. <

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