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We are Liberaxion

> Liberaxion is a boutique-style consulting & coaching practice with highly specialised and broadly experienced professionals. Our team is based in the Netherlands (WTC Rotterdam), but our services transgress borders. We are proud to accompany professionals, executives and entrepreneurs around the globe. If your project requires complementary expertise support, we mobilise our trusted network to supplement our core team. As personal business professionals, we live our principles. We strive to realise our Liberaxion mission on the basis of our personal mission statements and through our individual expertises. We're looking forward to meeting you. < 

Liberaxion mission:
empowering personal entrepreneurship
Core Team
drs. HANS veldhuis mba mbi

managing partner | personal mission:

personal business philosophy

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> HANS Veldhuis has been engaged in personal transformation and business innovation for 25 years. He has specialised in self-leadership and personal branding to enable people and companies to unleash their value potential in the digital economy.

As a lifelong scholar of entrepreneurial freedom, HANS has studied/taught:

- philosophy and literature (master of humanities),

- marketing (master of business administration) and

- informatics (master of business informatics). 

Clients value him for the truly transformational impact that his consulting and coaching interventions have in their life and business. Clients describe his style as 'provocative', 'inspirational' and 'creative'. <

drs. YVONNE v.d. veen RE CCMM

personal mission:

personal information technology

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> YVONNE van der Veen has been working in informational change projects for almost three decades. She has in-depth knowledge of business informatics and broad experience as a business consultant and an interim manager.

YVONNE has specialised in digital transformation and has studied:

- literature and linguistics (master of humanities),

- information & communication technology (master of EDP auditing) and

- business change management (master of change management).

Clients describe her as 'energising', 'thoughtful' and 'practical', in other words: 'fully committed to making change happen'. <

EVA stanska

personal mission:

personal image styling

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> EVA Stanska has specialised in image styling. As a stylist she supports people in transformation processes by aligning their outer image with both their inner identity and their brand values. As a coordinator, she also manages our projects and programmes.

EVA has studied cosmetology and has specialised in:

- image styling,

- business fashion design and

- commercial visual communication.

According to clients, her image is that of 'the new classic professional' proving that 'less is more' in matters of style. <

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